What to Wear to a Yoga Retreat?


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Few months back I arrived at the bamboo doors of UBUD for my first ever yoga retreat. I had visions of flowing freely through sun salutations against lush jungle backdrops. As I unzipped my duffle full of shorts and tanks for a resort vacation, panic set in.

My leisure wear left me woefully not ready for 2 intense weeks of asana. Thankfully, the welcoming staff gave me appropriate clothes for practice and rustic digs. Lesson learned specific necessities make all the difference at a rejuvenating yoga retreat.

This guide covers exactly what to wear to a yoga retreat in US. What kind of versatile, functional clothing essentials are required for a yoga retreat. I now pack in abundance for maximum comfort no matter the style of retreat or climate. Getting your yoga retreat wardrobe right helps you wholly immerse in the inner journeys.

Key Considerations

For a yoga retreat, comfort is key! Here are some key considerations for packing for a yoga retreat:


Destination retreats span locales from different parts of the world, so research expected weather and pack accordingly. Do not just rely on averages, peak seasonal extremes too. Avoid flimsy fabrics if cold snaps or monsoons strike.

Prepare breathable, sweat-wicking clothes for steamy tropics or lightweight merinos for crisp mountains. Check if humble retreat centers have heat for chilling nights. Proper attire makes practice comfortable no matter if you are downward dogging in rainforests or deserts.

Choose garments in quick-drying, UV-protective fabrics if beaches await. Wherever your getaway, check forecasts to bundle properly.


Pick outfits according to the array of retreat activities. Pack flexible yoga pants and breathable tops for vigorous practice. Use capris and tanks for balmier climes. Throw in loose layers like open cardigans and kimonos for downtime wanderings along wooded trails or reading in meadows.

Shake off shoes for studio sessions but toss in a pair of sturdy sandals for casual community meals or sightseeing adventures during free hours. Having clothes that support various weather and activities maximizes enjoyment. You must balance practice with rest, nature, and fellowship.

Personal Preferences

In technical performance gear consider personal style comforting you. Some may prefer luxe leggings and soft wraps, others no-fuss shorts and tanks. Stow a breezy maxi for evenings if bohemian chic calms you.

Focus on versatility, mixing high-performance with pieces expressing your essence. Ensure clothes allow both deep twists during intense ashtanga and relaxed downtime journaling seaside post-meditation.

Always choose not just functional but uplifting outfits so surroundings can permeate the true essence yoga reveals.

Things to Wear to a Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a place to relieve stress, rejuvenate your mind, detoxify your body. So you can never get wrong with choosing things to wear. Because what you wear should make you feel comfortable. Here are the recommended yoga retreat wardrobe essentials:


Yoga Tops

Choose tops in stretchy performance fabrics spanning intense practices without restriction. Seek sweat-wicking shirts with UPF protection to flow freely on beaches without burning. Opt for snug fits over loose silhouettes hampering seeing alignment. Pick solids over dizzying prints to stay calm and cool.

Yoga Pants/Shorts 

Flexible yoga pants or shorts in moisture-wicking fabrics allow deep poses without distraction. Prefer wide waistbands for maximum range of motion. Darker shades camouflage sweat. Reinforced fabric prevents sheerness when inverting. For variety, pack capris.

Yoga Mats

Quality mats provide ample cushioning for knees yet with grip limiting sliding in complex balancing poses. PVC-free, antimicrobial mats made from natural tree rubber align yoga’s spirit. Easily rollable and foldable mats fit suitcases.

Open Layers

Air out sweaty practice clothes during downtime with loose layers like woven kimonos, linen pants or crochet cardigans. Lightweight wraps ward off breezes when relaxing oceanside while still breathable for tropical climes.


Pack flip flops for wandering temple grounds or hiking to meals and activities. Sandals work well for excursions. Yoga socks offer coziness getting to the studio on chilly stone steps in the blue dawn hours.


Bed down in stretchy bamboo lounge pants and soft hemp tanks. Serene hues continue the zen mood for slumber.


Pick seamless, tag less base layers in sweat-wicking merino wool allowing all-day comfort in rigorous training.

Casual Dresses

For downtime between yoga sessions, pack comfortable loungewear like loose-fitting pants, cozy sweaters, or casual dresses.


Eco-friendly sunscreen shields from harsh rays during jungle treks to class. Natural lotions soothe sore muscles after intense asana sessions. Castor oil preps lashes for meditation’s stillness.


Do not forget a wide hat, sunglasses, and a reusable water bottle for outdoor sessions. Additionally, a yoga mat, yoga towel, and props keeps you ready for any kind of sessions in the retreat.


If there is a pool or if your retreat includes water activities like paddle boarding or swimming, bring a swimsuit.


Sports or Comfortable Bras

Supportive sports bras or comfortable bras that provide adequate support during yoga sessions are essential.


Depending on the weather and location, pack layers like light jackets, hoodies, or long-sleeve shirts for cooler mornings or evenings.


Thoughtfully packing functional wear layered with personal touches ensures comfort. You are protected from no matter the adventure a transformative Yoga Retreat holds. With mindful clothing preparation, you can embrace the self-discoveries these sacred journeys awaken without distraction. Now exhale, and go elevate your practice.

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